The VL53L0X from ST Microelectronics is a time-of-flight ranging system integrated into a compact module. This board is a carrier for the VL53L0X, so we recommend careful reading of the VL53L0X datasheet (1MB pdf) before using this product.Ranging measurements are available through the sensor’s IýC (TWI) interface, which is also used to configure sensor settings, and the sensor provides two additional pins: a shutdown input and an interrupt output.PIN DescriptionVDDÿ Regulated 2.8 V output. Almost 150 mA is available to power external components. (If you want to bypass the internal regulator, you can instead use this pin as a 2.8 V input with VIN disconnected.)VINÿ This is the main 2.6 V to 5.5 V power supply connection. The SCL and SDA level shifters pull the I2C lines high to this level.GNDÿ The ground (0 V) connection for your power supply. Your I2C control source must also share a common ground with this board.SDAÿ ÿ Level-shifted IýC data line: HIGH is VIN, LOW is 0 VSCLÿ ÿ ÿ Level-shifted IýC clock line: HIGH is VIN, LOW is 0 VXSHUTÿ ÿ This pin is an active-low shutdown input; the board pulls it up to VDD to enable the sensor by default. Driving this pin low puts the sensor into hardware standby. This input is not level-shifted.ÿÿPackage includes :ÿÿ1x L53L0X Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 2 × 1.5 × 1 cm
Maximum Sensoring Distance:


Working Voltage:

2.6V – 5.5V

Power supply:



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