TCS3200 Color sensors are developed based on diffuse technology that can detect a wide range of colours. The combination of colour sensitive filters and sensors array perform colour sensing, which is further used to analyze the colour present in an image or in a specified object. The colour measurement process involves a light source to illuminate the surface, the target surface, and a receiver that measures the reflected wavelengths.

A white light emitter is used to illuminate the surface. The sensor then activates three filters with three wavelength sensitivities to measure the wavelengths of RGB colours respectively. Based on these three colours, the colour of the material is determined.

A color sensor detects the color of the material. This sensor usually detects color in RBG scale. This sensor can categorize the color as red, blue or green. These sensors are also equipped with filters to reject the unwanted IR light and UV light.

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 cm
Operating Voltage (VDC)

3 ~ 5

Best Detection Range(mm)



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