Stanley has launched 12-pieces CRV steel double ended open jaw spanner set with a matte finish. It is available in a high-quality chrome vanadium steel material for superior performance. It comes with an anti-slip design on the open end. The complete package comes with 12 pieces of different sizes containing 6×7 mm, 8×9 mm, 10×11 mm, 12×13 mm, 14×15 mm, 16×17 mm, 18×19 mm, 20×22 mm, 21×23 mm, 24×27 mm, 25×28 mm, and 30×32 mm. It is available with comfortable grip for handling with hands without any problem. It is available in a slim shape which easily works in the compact size spaces. It is manufactured with advanced techniques to ensure detailed specifications. The double ended an open jaw is an ideal option for performing any mechanical task with great results. It is a quality product available in different sizes to work over different bolt or nut size fixing job easily.

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 1 cm
Package Contents

It contains 12 Pieces of 6×7, 8×9, 10×11, 12×13, 14×15, 16×17, 18×19, 20×22, 21×23, 24×27, 25×28, 30×32 mm


Chrome Vanadium Steel


Matte Finish


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