Nano multi-purpose expansion board for nano tailored a sensor expansion board to solve the nano when connecting a variety of sensor wiring confusing problem, as you develop works of the weapon. (1)io port leads all digital and analog io ports, each io port has positive and negative power supply interface standard. (2) leads to an i2c interface on the motherboard, convenient and i2c devices connected. (3) increasing the DC power connector. Nano USB interface board supply current is actually only 50ma, to bring high-current devices, such as when the steering is obviously insufficient, this time in the DC power supplyinterface provides external power to ensure the stability of equipment operation. This io expansion shield is specifically designed to facilitate an easy connection between adruino nano and many other devices. Used for adruino nano direct, if your seal the pin of the board also compatible adruino duemilanove 2009 and uno r1.

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 11.5 × 8.5 × 1 cm
Input Voltage(V)

3.3 ~ 5

No. of PWM Pin


No. of Analog Pins



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