This is Atal Tinkering Lab Package 1 containing components for Electronics Development, Internet of Things & Sensors, Robotics and DIY Kits.

Atal Tinkering Laboratory Package 1 for 60 Students class containing below items:

30 x Arduino UNO R3 SMD
10 x Arduino Nano
10 x Arduino MEGA Ch340
5 x Raspberry Pi 3Model B+
30 x Solderless Breadborad 400 Pin
20 x Solderless Breadborad 800 Pin
20 x Self Adhesive Proto Shield
30 x Solderable Board FR2 A(140X90 MM)
30 x Solderable Board FR2 A(80X55 MM)
30 x Female Berg Strip 2.54mm pitch, 40 pin
30 x Male Berg Strip 2.54mm pitch, 40 pin
20 x Dot matrix (LCD display 16 character x 2line, 12C)
15 x USB Cable A to B, 12 inch
15 x USB cable Mini 12 inches
10 x Battery 9-12V to 2500mAh rechargeable battery
20 x Resistor Kit (Resistor Kit values: 0, 1.5, 4.7, 10, 47, 100, 220, 330, 470, 680, 1K, 2,2K, 3,3K, 4,7K, 10K, 22K, 47K, 100K, 330K, 1M ohm)
20 x Capacitor Kit (Capacitor kit values: 10pF, 22pF, 100pF, 1nF, 10nF, 100nF, 1uF, 10uF, 100uF, 1000uF)
30 x Linear Voltage Regulator (7805,7809,7812 – 10 Pc Each)
4 x Water Pump DC12V 3W Submersible
30 x Piezoelectric copper base Plate 4cm diameter
10 x 8×8 LED Matrix 7219 with MCU Controle LED display Mobule
15 x Bluetooth module HC 05, 5V
20 x 7 segment LED Display (4 digit display 2.4-5.5V) GND, Data, clock
4 x GSM (Sim 900 core TTL Port module)
4 x GPS (GY-NEO6M V2 module)
10 x Laser Diode Emitter 650 nm 5mW mini dot laser
30 x LDR light sensor Module 5mm/12mm photosensitive
10 x Keypad 16 key switch
10 x Joystick 2-axis with push button
40 x Active Buzzer (Small 5V)
40 x Active Buzzer (Small 12V)
10 x Motor Driver Module L293D
10 x Sound Play Back Module (ISD 1820 voice recording)
40 x DC Plastic Gear Motor with wheel (12V, 150RPM side BO shaft)
6 x Node MCU (ESP 8266, 12C)
6 x WeMos D1 R2 with Wifi ESP 8266, 5V
20 x Vibrating Motor 1.5-3V
200 x Alligator Connector 12inch Multi colour
40 x 9V Battery Clip with DC Jack
4 x Hookup Wire Red & Black Set 100Mt each
2000 x Jumper Cable(1000 x Jumper M-M, 600 x Jumper Cable M-F, 400 x Jumper Cable F-F)
5000 x LED 5mm, 3-5V ( 1000 x Red, 1000 x Blue, 1000 X Yellow, 1000 x White, 1000 x Green)
30 x Timer IC LM-555 (4.5-16V)
10 x Atmega 16u2 Microcontroller
3 x Diode and Transistor kit (25 assorted basic Diode 4 different type NPN)
9 x Button Switch Kit ( 3 x 100 set Push, 3 x 100 set Toggle, 3 x 100 set Slide Switch)
20 x Capacitative Touch Module 2.5-3.6V DC (MPR 121 with I2C)
10 x Capacitative touch switch module TTP223B 2-5V DC
20 x IR obstacle avoider Sensor module LM393
10 x Triple axis magnetometer 160Hz 12bit ADC
10 x Humidity sensor (20-95% RH, 1.5V AC, 500Hz-2Khz
24 x MQ Series Sensor ( MQ2,MQ3,MQ4,MQ5,MQ6,MQ7,MQ8,MQ9,MQ135 – 3Pc Each)
10 x IR Transmitter /Receiver (TSOP 1738, 38Khz)
40 x Ultra sonic Sensor Module HC-SR-04
10 x Triple Axis Accelerometer 350uA, 1.8-3.6V
20 x PIR Motion Detector Module 5-12V
4 x Pulse rate sensor finger based 3-5V
20 x Relay Module 5V, 10A (2 channel Relay)
20 x Relay Module 5V, 10A (1 channel Relay)
10 x Big Sound Microphone capsule type
6 x Soil Moisture Sensor Module (FC-28 with LM293, 3.3-5V)
6 x Touch Sensor (TTP22X series, 2.4-5.5V)
6 x Metal Touch Sensor Module (KY-036)
6 x Rain Drop Sensor 3.3-5.5V
6 x Flex Sensor 2.2inch
6 x Temperature Sensor (LM35, 4-30V)
10 x Humidity Sensor (DHT 11, 3-5V)
4 x Force Pressure Sensor
4 x Colour Recognition Sensor (TCS3200 )
4 x Water Flow Sensor 5V
10 x Sound Sensor microphone module
10 x IR sensor array module for Line following
5 x 10000mAh 5V power bank
10 x RFID Reader range 20cm to 1mt
10 x RF Module Tx & Rx 315 Mhz ASK
10 x Stepper motor with driver board (28BYJ-48, ULN2003, 5V motor with driver board)
20 x DC Motor (12V DC Gear 150RPM)
70 x Servo Motor ( 10 x MG995 180degree, 10 x MG90S Metal Servo, 10 x MG996 360degree, 40 x SG90 Plastic Gear Servo)
10 x 150 RPM BO Motor
10 x L298P Motor Driver
4 x CCPM 3 channel servo tester
3 x Robotics DIY kit programmable
5 x Mechanical construction Kit compatible with electronic equipment
1 x Drone Kit
1 x Aerospace Kit
1 x Automobile Kit
1 x Biomedical Kit
1 x Biotech Kit
1 x Agritech Kit
1 x Water/Sanitization Kit
1 x Other Potential Stem Kit


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