4 Channel 5V Relay Module

4 Channel 5V Relay Module with Optocoupler for Arduino DSP AVR PIC ARM.

Features :

  1. One normally closed contact and one normally open contact
  2. Triode drive, increasing relay coil
  3. High impedance controller pin
  4. Pull-down circuit for the avoidance of malfunction
  5. Power supply indicator and Control indicator lamp
  6. Power supply and relay instructions, lit, the disconnect is off;
  7. The input signal, signal, common Terminal and start conducting;
  8. Useful for appliance control;
  9. DC or AC signal, control, you can control the 220V AC load
Weight 50 g
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 cm
Trigger Voltage (VDC)


Trigger Current (mA)


Switching Voltage (VAC)


Switching Voltage (VDC)



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