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SKU: S019

This is TCRT 5000 Dual Channel Line Tracking sensor module.

This IR reflective sensor Module used TCRT5000 IR Sensor to detect color and distance. This sensor module consists of an IR transmitter & an IR receiver. IR Transmitter continuously emits IR signal which is then reflected by an obstacle and is then detected by the IR receiver.1 sensor adopts tr5000, high sensitivity 2 sensitivity adjustable digital potentiometer to adjust (blue) 3 modules can induction block from 0 to 3 cm 4 5 v working voltage 3.3 v 5 a output form output analog voltage (0 to 5 v) b digital switch output (0 and 1) 6 has a fixed bolt hole, convenient installation 7 small board pcb size: 3.5 cm * 1.5 cm 8 power indicator light (red) and digital switch output indicator light (green) 9 comparator uses the lm393 chips, work stability.

  • Application :

    • Meter pulse data sampling
    • Fax paper shredders detection
    • Obstacle detection
    • Black and white line detection
  • Features :

    • Designed with the reflected infrared sensor, indicator light.
    • Built in a potentiometer for sensitivity control.
    • On-board LM393 voltage comparator chip and infrared sensing probe TCRT5000L
    • Onboard signal output instructions, the output is the highly effective signal at the same time, the indicator lamp light output signal can be directly and single-chip microcomputer IO connection & middot
    • Signal detection sensitivity can adjust
    • Reserve all the way more circuits (P3 voltage drawn)
    • Using the TCRT5000 infrared reflection sensor
    • Output form: digital switch output (0 and 1)
    • A fixed bolt hole, convenient installation.