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Highly sensitive SW-520D ball switch Tilt Sensor (3 Pieces)

SKU: S036

The tilt sensor is a component (switch) that can detect the orientation of an object (upright or not). It is equivalent to a pushbutton activated through its physical orientation. It contains a metallic ball inside that will commute the two pins of the device from CLOSED to OPEN if the sensor exceeds a certain angle and viceversa. Only when the tilt sensor is in its upright position, metallic balls inside the tilt sensor bridges the two contacts, completing the circuit. When the sensor is tilted beyond the sensivity range, the contacts moves away, and thus opens the circuit.

  • Specifications for this item

    • Detect orientation or inclination
    • Low-power and easy-to-use
    • Power supply: Up to 24V, switching less than 5mA
    • Sensitivity range: > +-15 degrees
    • Lifetime: 50,000+ cycles (switches)