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Finger Measuring Heartbeat Sensor Module

SKU: S039

This component is ideally suited to adding heartbeat sensing to your project. This detection module combines a phototransistor and IR LED, which when a finger is placed between will provide a varying signal. Reading this analog signal you can interpret a change in signal as a heartbeat. As a simple module it will suit use within a large range of projects based on microcontrollers such as Arduino boards and the Raspberry Pi. The module has a M2 mounting hole allowing for its easy attachment to a multitude of surfaces. Pin Description S Analog output 3 to 5V DC Input - Ground

  • Features :

    • Use IR LED and an optical transistor to detect pulsation in fingers
    • Small and Compact module
    • Easy to use.
  • Specifications for this item

    • 16 x 116 x 3mm (l x w x h)
    • IR Emitter and Receiver
    • 3 - 5V DC Input
    • M2 Mounting holes (centres 10mm apart)
    • Designed to be compatible with standard 2.54mm sockets