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Arduino Uno Kit With Pack Of LCD,USB,Cable, Keypad, 20 Male To Male Connector Fo


The Arduino Uno Is A Microcontroller Board Based On The Atmega328 ."Uno" Means One In Italian And Is Named To Mark The Upcoming Release Of Arduino 1.0. It Has 14 Digital Input Or Output Pins , 6 Analog Inputs, A 16 MHz Ceramic Resonator, A USB Connection, A Power Jack, An Icsp Header And A Reset Button. It Contains Everything Needed To Support The Microcontroller, Simply Connect It To A Computer With A USB Cable Or Power It With A Ac-To-Dc Adapter Or Battery To Get Started. The Uno Differs From All Preceding Boards In That It Does Not Use The Ftdi USB-To-Serial Driver Chip. Instead, It Features The Atmega16U2Atmega8U2 Up To Version R2) Programmed As A USB-To-Serial Converter. This Is Your First Step Towards Interfacing The LCD And Keypad With Your Arduino.

  • Specifications for this item

    • 1x Arduino UNO(1)
    • 1x Arduino character LCD 16x2 (1)
    • 1x USB cable A to B Type (1)
    • 1x 4 x 4 keypad
    • 20x Male to Male Jumper